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Friday, June 1, 2018

Basement Sorting and Other Stuff

34071659_10217393777423159_5618598013862674432_nWhen we were getting ready to leave, we really didn’t take the time to organize things very carefully. Even though we didn’t get tons of rain, the skies were looking threatening most of the time. So we basically just put everything in wherever we could fit it, and decided to make it neat later. Yesterday, with a nice day on the horizon, one of the items on Harry’s list was straightening out his basement storage.



Cleaning up the sandy floor!

All nice and neat!



Hard to believe that when we started fulltiming, this basement was packed from top to bottom!

Just because we like to live dangerously, the other thing we planned for yesterday was visiting the local Cabela’s, which is a very short 3 miles away from the campground. We are planning on doing quite a bit of hiking this summer when we get up into the Adirondacks, so Harry wanted to get some hiking poles. He has borrowed some to use on previous hikes, and found them useful. Over the past months he did some research to figure out what he wanted. The other item on his list was some waterproof hiking boots.


Mission accomplished!


Ariel thought the hiking poles were a new fancy chin rest for her. haha

Later in the afternoon, we drove the short distance over to Andrew and Amanda’s new house. It is only 2.5 miles from the campground! We thanked them for moving so close to our local address. haha

Andrew made some yummy fresh guacamole and chicken tacos. I was too busy enjoying it to get any pictures. Yes, that is how good it was!

We enjoyed a nice evening chatting and catching up, before we headed home to sleep in our comfy bed. (Yes, we are getting reacquainted with the benefits of rv’ing.)

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