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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Warranty Results and Preparing for Company

I had mentioned in my last post that Harry and I were apprehensive about the warranty company covering our repair work. Over the past seven years, there have been a handful of t35629312_10217560254024970_940560578982707200_nimes we’ve had a warranty claim. Our first big claim happened on our very first trip down to Florida, right after Harry retired, when our slide topper mechanism suddenly just gave way when we put the slide out. It ended up being a nightmare claim that I won’t go back through now. Suffice to say that they ended up paying, but only after we fought for it, including going through the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint. That just left a sour taste in our mouth, and even though we have end35762291_10217560234144473_7070060504781160448_ned up getting back what we paid for it, we have already decided that we won’t be getting another one when we get our next rv. Just not worth the grief for us. Anyhow, so a few days ago we had to stop back over by Diederich’s to pick up our keys that we forgot there, and we found out that the company is going to cover the refrigerator repair and the replacement of the hydraulic jacks. That was a relief! Apparently windows and glass are not covered, so we have to pay for that part of the repair. But it could have been much worse, so we are looking on the bright side.

It has been two weeks today since we arrived here. It has been a bit hectic with everything going on, but our days have started to slow down this week, and today we actually aren’t going anywhere at all. We have taken advantage of this down day to start getting ready for our next adventure – a five week long visit with our grandsons! This will be our longest summer visit yet. In previous summers, we’ve had a shorter visit with Schaun and then we’ve gone back to Ohio to spend some time with Kenny as well. But Kenny is older now, and wants to come on the summer visit also.

35694790_10217560250344878_3930953570530099200_nOver the winter, we were trying to figure out the best way to work the sleeping arrangements – sleeping on the floor together on one twin bed mattress was not going to cut it. Harry was doing some research online and just by accident stumbled on a portable bunkbed system. We bought it over the winter but hadn’t tried putting it together yet. Today was the day!


One bed put together…we could actually use it just as one bed if we wanted to.


The two beds are completely secured together.


It fits in the space just as well as I hoped it would.


I have them covered at the moment for the four legged occupants who I’m sure will be using them over the next few days. Each bed has an attachment where the kids can put some of their things. And we also have storage space underneath the bottom bunk.

I can’t wait to see the boys’ faces when they see their sleeping area!


  1. That's a cool set-up! They will love it, their own little space. Have a great summer!

  2. Yes, kids love their own spaces. As do we. Five weeks! We have the girls for 7 weeks. It's been 4 days.... seems a lot longer somehow.

    1. Haha I know what you mean! After a few days, we seem to get into a rhythm and it just becomes normal. I hope! 😉

  3. What a nice surprise that the fridge and jacks were being covered! The portable beds are a really cool idea, I am sure they will love them!

  4. I will never say, that is so easy to build double bed, great!

  5. Excellent blog. I started at day one and read from there.