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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Feeling a LITTLE Calmer

We do feel a little better about the house sale, even though not one thing has happened since the last time I wrote a blog entry. We have been told that the buyer’s IMG_3638attorney most likely took the remainder of the week off for the holiday. And from what we understand, the fact that the inspections are proceeding as planned means that there is likely to be no issue with getting the response regarding the contract. So while we are not totally relaxed, IMG_3642we do feel better that the process seems to be going along in a way that causes no concern amongst those who do this all the time. Now, will we still feel better when the inspections and appraisal are over? YES!!


IMG_3643We have been continuing with our cleanout work. One of my co-workers came over today to check out our tv, and he is going to buy it. So another thing checked off our list. And Harry took a trip to the transfer station today with a few more things in the garage – some pieces of wood, and a big bucket that we used to keep our soda recyclables…so our garage is getting SO empty.

IMG_3645After I got home from work today, we took a quick trip to Camping World. That place is SO dangerous. We got out of there relatively easily today – we actually almost confined ourselves to our list! Our main purchase – a heated water hose – which we will most definitely need when we move to the campground in Catskill.



And speaking of heat…brrr…it was cold today!! And snowing!! Harry and I have a new mantra…in two months, we will be in Florida…in two months, we will be in Florida….


  1. Lists will help keep you organized. I have a soft binder with notebook paper and pockets. I had lists on every page and marked through the items when they were accomplished. The pockets were good for loose paperwork. I am still using the binder as we complete our lifestyle change. We're going to need a heated water hose too. Thanks for that idea.

  2. The next two weeks will fly by! i guess you just have to keep in mind that your transaction is #1 in your priority, but one of many tasks for the lawyer and realators.

  3. Patience Grasshopper. Good things come to those who wait.

  4. Whoohoo! Won't be long and you'll be headed South. In case you need an alternative to the heated hose, we use a heat tape on our water hose here in NJ. Has worked very well. Actually, didn't even know there was such a thing as a heated hose. :) Here's hoping the house deal keeps progressing smoothly!

  5. we will continue your mantra!..two months till Florida!
    lucky you guys!! enjoy the snow!

  6. oh my gosh....you have attorneys involved...great gobs of goose grease! They will nit pick and pick some more to make more money! Sure pleased that we had no such problems....

    At least you are on your way to full timing.

    1. Well, my attorney is my brother-in-law...so no worries for us. :)

  7. Since 2008 the house-buying process has gotten a lot more complex with increased federal oversight. Judy being a banker is well versed in all the new requirements. As the seller the process now is just a longer wait but there are more hoops for the buyer.

  8. The holidays create so much ruckus when there are transactions to complete! It will soon be over, but the wait is the hardest. George made up a heated hose when we were still in PA. He wrapped heat tape around one. Still keep it in our basement in case we are ever in a cold area..which we hope we're NOT. :)