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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quite the Process

IMG_1185Wow, this house selling process is such an up and down ride! We have gone from downs (multiple people coming in and loving the house, but not liking one detail) to ups…(at least one potential offer coming in), and it changed from one to the other basically overnight.



It was only five short days ago that we were feeling like this process was going nowhere…and fast! After all the work we put into the house, we found it really hard not to take buyers not liking this detail or that one personally. Even though most of those details were things we couldn’t do anything about – like size of the house, or size of the property, or the fact that we have electric heat.

IMG_1106 (800x600)


And then – wham! Potential buyers! Wow! What a shot of adrenalin that is to the psyche! Now our thoughts are alive with much more exciting “what ifs”. 

So this is the latest…

IMG_1196We heard from the repair place, and our fridge is good to go. We will be going over there on Saturday to pick up the fiver, and hopefully that will be the LAST time we have to get back into this driveway!!

We don’t know anymore about the offer at this time. Our realtor was going to see if she could get an ETA, but we haven’t heard back from her yet. Obviously we are really hoping to hear what they are offering today.


So, we are still playing the waiting game…but it’s a lot more exciting waiting for an offer than it is waiting for a potential buyer.


  1. Offering up prayers for a perfect offer!

  2. good luck!..I know you will keep us all posted!!

  3. Hoping for good news for you. Yes, selling a house is stressful.

  4. Fingers arms legs and toes crossed for a good outcome.

  5. This is so exciting for you guys. Just remember that sometimes an offer you don't like still may be worth it in the long run. :-)

  6. Get ready for a real roller coaster ride..at least that was our experience. We finally get off the coaster today. We are thinking of you and hoping you get a good offer.

  7. Our thoughts are with you! I for one, am not good at the emotional roller coaster that comes with selling a home, but hold on...the reward is worth the stress!!

    Take care and keep us posted!

  8. Congratulations! Hopefully everything from now until the closing will go smoothly!