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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Unexpected (and Unwelcome) Company!!

Well, we knew that our refrigerator repair (and especially the fact that they had to order a second coolant unit since the first one was no good) meant that our refrigerator was out of the fiver for a good period of time. But when we got home, we looked around the rig and everything looked fine.

Today, I went out to do a little rearranging and found a drawer full of “calling cards”. Grrrroosssssss!

Time to call in reinforcements!


Go get ‘em troops!


  1. The Home Depot sells Victor Electronic Pest Controllers that will make your guest leave quicker than they had planned.

    It emits a high frequency sound that drives them away. They must be plugged in to work and you will need one in the basement as well as two upstairs. I am not sure if it will bother the cats ears. You still might have to set traps inside the cabinets if you choose not to use this system.

    We were housed in a rental home after our house fire that had mice and the fact we had a cat did not stop them from eating his kibble.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. We have those high-frequency plug-in devices and we did not see a mouse in our 5er last winter; however, we sure heard one! It was in the "attic" of the rig. Had a devil of a time getting rid of it and by that time it had chewed through a cord connecting our bedroom A/C to the main control panel. Solved that by putting in a panel in the bedroom. Dave went underneath the rig and used that expanding insulation stuff in a can to plug up any holes at all that he could see. Hopefully that and steel wool at other places will keep us mouse-free this winter. Grrrr . . .

    1. Harry did that last year and we stayed mouse free until now. We are sure they got in while the fiver was at the repair place. My little Ariel is quite the huntress, so we will give her a shot first (no pun intended lol). If she doesn't catch 'em, Harry will put out the manmade variety.

  3. I would count on the cat! I never had a mouse in the house when we had a cat. Now that we don't I'm constantly checking and emptying traps. We live in a forest. I have four Victor electronic traps, not the repellers, around the basement bays of the Alfa. I've caught a few rats, but have not had any get in and leave droppings. The peanut butter in the traps seems to get their attention first.

    Good luck.

  4. you captured some 'stowaways?'..eww! Sure hope the kitties catch the little 'bugger's!

  5. Go get 'em Ariel and Crookshanks! I hope we don't get any mice, though so far so good! Now only if we had a working fridge!!

  6. Good luck with getting rid of the varmints!

  7. Hi somehow I found your blog. So glad I did, I was so excited for you on your new adventure, it is what we want to do also. Best of luck with everything hope it all goes just the way you want. I will be watching.