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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pure Excitement!

Harry and I are on cloud nine! And lists galore…this is what we need to cancel…these things we need to start…addresses to change, items to get rid of… Ahhh! One thing we’re not doing too much – sleeping! We went from not being able to sleep due to anxiety to this much more pleasant reason. All of these details are running through our heads constantly.

IMG_3569One thing we are SO thankful we did! While it has been a challenge to live in an almost empty house (and people thought we were nuts when they saw our empty cupboards), it is paying off now. We basically have nothing to do in our kitchen – take out a few plates and bowls and we’re done.


A co-worker of Harry’s came over yesterday and took most of the two beds that we had in our guest rooms for her two sons. They will be coming back in a few days to get the last few parts they couldn’t fit in their vehicle last night.



It only took getting rid of those beds to empty both of those rooms out.

We are taking one last load over to my sister’s tomorrow – some pictures and a mirror that she wanted for her house. And next weekend, the snow blower is leaving for my brother’s house.



I listed this table and chairs and the office desk and chair on freecycle. I expect those will go quickly – people move fast for free stuff! Come and get it baby!! Everything must go!



This is our latest…we have found an open campground in Catskill, which is right near where my sister lives. It will be about a 45 minute commute for Harry from there to Albany. We are planning to move the fiver there  on…12/12/12!!! We are going tomorrow to check it out, but more for information than to change our minds – we don’t have a lot of options at this point.

We are also researching destinations and campgrounds. Our current plan when we leave is to head for Alabama, then over towards Jacksonville FL or maybe something a little south of that, then mosey along up the east coast with the goal of being in Lancaster PA by early April, as we have signed up for a Heartland campout there. After that, we will go over to South Dakota to establish our residency and get our drivers licenses. Those are the broad strokes of the next few months.

Our plans are coming together!


  1. I am so excited for the both of you!!! it is going to be fun!

  2. It's so fun planning where to go. I spend hours on it :) I hope the campground you guys found works out, that would be perfect!

  3. Your post brings back all the excitement of when we were first headed out. You are going to have such a great time. I'm like Laurie - I love to spend hours planning on where we're going and what we're going to see.

  4. I missed a day somehow and come back to find its all a done deal....! Wow, all of your plans are coming together fast now... Lets hope for a warm winter for the fiver....

  5. So happy for you! Will you keep working or will you quit when ou move?

  6. How, true. We are so limited with open campgrounds during winter in the northeast. And those that are open, charge a mint.

    SD is a good choice. We are very happy with our mail forwarding service there - My Home Address in Emery (near Mitchell).

  7. We are very happy to help you empty those rooms of yours ;0)