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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Moving Along!

Our house sale is progressing. We have started to hear about appointments for inspections next week. Haven’t heard about the appraisal yet, but we are assuming that will be next week as well. Today was the last day before contract acceptance, so as of tomorrow, we will officially have an accepted contract.

Our furniture is flying out of this house! So far we have two empty guest rooms and tonight the desk and office chair is being picked up, so the office is now empty as well.

We took four more bags of clothes to the clothes drop-off a couple days ago. I can’t believe that we still have clothes to get rid of, but we do. We will have at least another bag or two to donate when we get done with work.

I am still not sleeping too well. A little better than last week, but I am still waking up and staying awake longer than is normal for me. Just too much excitement! With Thanksgiving this week, I have two days off in a row and I am very thankful for that!!!


  1. Lost track of you guys for some reason for the last couple of weeks and a lot has happened. Congrats to both of you, we are excited about your new life that will happen very soon.

  2. It's all winding down now. I just realized that the countdown to hit the road is under 60 days! Wow!

  3. are you giving away for the furniture or selling it?
    hope you sleep well when you have a few days off!

    1. We're giving it away - we just want it gone so we can get on with the good stuff!! :)

  4. Love watching your clock tick down. I just hope you don't get too run down from no sleep and get sick. This is cold season. So take good care of yourself. I sure can relate to your excitement level though.

  5. We understand exactly what you're going through. We sold, donated and gave away furniture. I had about 6 months of restless nights but last night I slept 8 hours..it does get better once everything is complete and finalized. We are thinking of you.