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Monday, September 9, 2013

Arriving in Campbellsville

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 88, Low 65)

IMG_6800So when I left off yesterday’s blog, we had overnighted in Milton, WV. Saturday morning was another lovely day, and we packed up pretty early to head toward Campbellsville.

The trip was more or less uneventful. We had one IMG_6819panicky moment when we were driving down 60 in Lexington, only to encounter an accident and the choice of making a u-turn or turning onto the highway. Since doing a u-turn wasn’t an option, we made the turn and were happy to find that it was a relatively simple reroute. (Thank you Gretel the GPS!!)

LW1Negotiating the fiver through Campbellsville seemed a little tight on the roads we needed to travel, but we made it with no problem and breathed a sigh of relief when our campground came into sight.

HeartlandIt’s not fancy, but there were no surprises. Before we chose this place, we looked at both it and Heartland on Google Earth LW3to help us make our decision. We didn’t want to travel far to get to work so these were our two best options. Heartland is the best for location, as it is right across the street from Amazon, but it is literally a LW4parking lot.


We decided that we would rather drive a few minutes (it’s 9 minutes – we clocked it this morning) for a little bit of green space.




Our little corner for the next three and a half months. Smile



We have a little over an hour until we head over for our first event – a two hour orientation. I believe we will have our photos taken for our ID badges today, and will find out our shift and what job we will be doing. Both Harry and I are looking forward to finding that out!


  1. So excited for you guys!! Your site looks nice!

  2. We will be going through Kentucky late Oct or early Nov. Visiting cousin in Berea. Gonna have to check out how far it is from Campbellsville.

  3. Glad to see you arrived safely, now on to the Amazon adventure. Hope all goes well, looking forward to your stories.

  4. Nice to know you are there safe and sound. Good luck with the job. It's hard work but a lot of folks go back year after year so it must be worth it.

  5. Saw your post on FB about your day. Looking forward as others are about all the details, good and bad :) It's still on our list as a maybe someday.

  6. put in a good word for us. We submitted our apps and they emailed us last week inquiring about a good time for a phone interview but have not heard anything since.

    We are hoping to get the ball rolling soon, maybe we can hook up once we get started.

    Phil and Rudee (Nancy) Rubeck

    1. That would be awesome - glad to hear you may be headed this way. :) The phone interview is really simple - basically questions as to whether you can do the different parts of the job.