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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Orientation Day

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 91, Low 70)

My brain must be starting to acclimate to the idea of getting up early, because this morning I was awake at 4:15, which as of tomorrow will be our time to get up and get going. I initially tried to go back to sleep but then decided to just get up and start getting used to our new schedule.

Yesterday was orientation day for Amazon. I understand that the different facilities do it differently, but in Campbellsville, each group starts on a Monday with a two hour orientation. When we walked into the door, we had our photos taken for our ID badge and received a packet of information. Probably the most interesting part of the paperwork was the details about our position and shift. Harry and I will be working in receiving on the day shift. So we start at 6 am and get done at 4:30. We will be working Sat. through Tuesday.

The rest of orientation involved meeting the Camperforce staff and finding out a little more about the company, and a few more details about Camperforce in Campbellsville and our part in it. They went over the schedule for the next couple of weeks. Here in Campbellsville they try to get people used to the job somewhat gradually. The rest of this week we have 5 hour days. Next week we will be on our normal shift schedule, but working 7 and a half hour days. Then in Week #3, we start our regular ten hour shifts.

From what I have read in the paperwork, I believe that Harry and I will be unpacking boxes as they come into the fulfillment center, and then scanning all the products so they are entered into the system. So we won’t be doing quite as much walking probably, but bending, lifting etc. We will find out more on Wednesday when we start learning our job.

This morning we have to be there at 8 am. We will receive our ID badges, have a little more orientation stuff, and have a class on safety.

We are ready to get going. Smile


  1. Good luck and I'm hoping you have some fun after hours. Some great people you're going to meet.

  2. Looks like a great way to get a lot of exercise and get paid at the same time. I think we are to old for the Amazon work. But we will keep buying, so other campers have autumn jobs!