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Monday, September 2, 2013

Fun Time Planning – Planning Fun Times

Location: Catskill, NY (High 83, Low 69)

IMG_4765For the past few weeks, Harry has been itching with eagerness to get back on the road again, while I have been somewhat feeling the itch tinged with sadness at saying goodbye to fun times with family. IMG_4558



Now that departure day is almost upon us, I am really starting to get bitten with the bug, and over the past couple of days, have started to firm up some plans for our travels after we finish at Amazon.





This winter is going to be very different from last year for us. When we headed south this past January, we were in a waiting pattern for Harry’s retirement to kick in. Because of this, we made the decision to break our stays up in month-long increments to take advantage of the monthly rate.


IMG_4453Now that things have settled with Harry’s retirement, added to the fact that we will be coming off the four months at Amazon, we will be in the position where we are able to move more frequently. Right now we are thinking that we will try weekly stays most of the time and see how that works for us.

IMG_4423This morning I firmed up our tentative plan. Some of the highlights that I am really looking forward to…

We plan to head first toward Georgia, where we will be spending Christmas with my aunt and her family. My aunt has lived outside of Atlanta for about 20 years now, and I have never had the chance to go visit. So I am excited to have the opportunity to spend the holiday there.


After Christmas, we will be moseying our way over toward a week-long stay in New Orleans. I am really looking forward to that as well.

The rest of January and February we have an idea of where we will be heading, but they are still subject to change of course. Smile Basically what we know is that we have from the 20th of January, when we leave New Orleans, to the 1st of March, when we arrive at Port Aransas, TX to explore Louisiana and the eastern coastal area of Texas.

So yeah, I guess you could say that I now have a full-blown case of hitch itch. We leave Thursday!


  1. That sounds like a great plan :) I've heard great things about Port Aransas too.

  2. One week sounds about right if you are on the explore as you go plan! Have fun making plans. Perhaps we will cross paths next spring.

  3. We kinda have next years plans laid out. However we leave here in three days and have NO IDEA where we are headed.

    If you are in Louisiana or south Texas early next year, just might run into you.

  4. So totally get how you feel. We leaving Port A on 1/27 and are heading east, maybe our paths will cross somewhere along the way.

  5. Sounds like you all have made some great plans! Where in Georgia does your aunt live? We live about 65 miles southwest of Atlanta. We'll keep our eyes open for you...because "its a small world after all." :-)
    Safe travels!!