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Friday, September 13, 2013

End of Week #1

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 86, Low 64)

We are home from today’s shift – our last 5 hour shift and the last day of our first week here at Amazon. Today went pretty well, I thought. I more or less remembered how to get myself logged into the system on the computer. I don’t have a password yet, so I couldn’t completely do it on my own, but hopefully that will be resolved by Sunday. We were receiving a shipment of toys today – Star Wars figures, Transformers, those little soft Star Wars Angry Birds figures. I was thinking that I needed my little nephew there with me to tell me which was which, because they all need to be entered separately and sometimes I really had to look at them to figure it out. In between the toys there were lots and lots of cell phone cases, and bags and boxes of cat and dog food.

Again, the five hours sped on by, and very soon it was time to clock out for another day. Today was our last short shift. Tomorrow we are off, and Sunday we start our week of 7 1/2 hour days.

The weather is beautiful. We had a line of rain and storms come through yesterday. We heard a little thunder in the distance but really didn’t have any stormy weather where we are. Last night we turned off the air conditioning for the first time since we have been here, and I am loving the open windows and fresh air!

No other Amazon workampers here yet. We are hoping that we will see at least one other rig rolling in this weekend. Smile

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  1. Sounds like a great week so far. One of my friends in CA said she already started seeing Christmas commercials. You guys will be busy in no time!