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Monday, September 16, 2013

Getting Into a Rhythm

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 81, Low 49)

Our days have settled into a pretty straightforward pattern. Over the past couple of days we’ve been working our longer 7 1/2 hour shifts. On work days we get up at 4 am. It hasn’t been that difficult and for us, the key has been, go to bed early!! I know there are people out there that can get by just fine on less, but I really NEED my eight hours of sleep. So let me just say, thank goodness for night shades in the bedroom, because it’s still pretty light out at 7:45 pm. Be right back

I am very glad that I thought to make some meals ahead, because I have been very happy to come home and have dinner made and sitting in the refrigerator just waiting to be warmed up. On Wednesday I have to start doing some searches for what we’re going to eat over the next work week. The other thing I do in the evening is get our lunches made, so all I have to do in the morning is pull the cold parts out of the fridge and put it together. I know that organization is going to be the key over the next fourteen weeks!!

We had one new campground occupant come in this past weekend, a solo camper from VA who started at Amazon today. I believe we have another rig or two coming in this weekend.

We only have two more workdays left to this week – tomorrow and Saturday. My soreness hasn’t completely gone away yet, but it hasn’t gotten any worse, so that’s a good thing. According to my Up bracelet, I walked 7 miles today. Open-mouthed smile 

Our Amazon experience is off to a great start so far. 


  1. Have you heard of Emeals? They provide you with a shopping list, menu and the recipes. I have been using it for two years. They have a crock pot program,so all the meals you have will be for a crock pot. They have samples on the site so you can see if you like what they offer. It is www.emeals.com We use the classic meals program and have been very happy with it. Shopping is a breeze now since I have their shopping list. It has saved us money. You can do a search to see if they are offering any deals through Groupon. They usually have a 40% off deal going on somewhere.

  2. You are definitely organized and it sounds like that is really going to make things go very smoothly for you on the home front. As the days go by and it gets busier with the Christmas season I would think crockpot meals would be a great idea.

  3. I think being so organized should really make things go smoothly!! Sounds like you're getting some great exercise...what a wonderful added benefit!!

  4. It's warm in KY now, but I wonder if it will get cold there in November and December. I hesitated to work at Amazon because I did not want to be in a cold climate.

    1. I guess it's relative. The average high in November is in the mid 50s and the lows in the high 30s. The average high in December is in the mid to high 40s and the lows in the high 20s to low 30s. Being from upstate NY, those temps sound pretty nice. And at the end of December, we head south! :)

  5. Making those meals ahead of time is a good idea. Glad to hear that so far, your job is going well there too!

  6. We had the exact same routine as you two! We went to bed early and I packed our lunches the night before. It made the early morning much more smooth :). So glad you are hitting your stride!!!