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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Another Week to Catch Up On!

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 73, Low 55)

Well, we are not quite halfway through our time here at Amazon. We expect to be here for fifteen weeks, if they release us around December 23rd, as we have been told. Let’s just say that we are going to be very excited to get that information. I think by then we will be really ready to hit the road.

Not that life at Amazon has been that bad. We really have the hang of the routine now. This week was a little slow with the holiday. We had a few trucks cancel and less product coming into the facility. Monday afternoon they offered VTO (voluntary time off) but we declined it and stayed for the full shift. Then on Tuesday morning (umm, yeah that’s yesterday) when we got up at 4 am, we had a voicemail offering VTO to people on Shift A, but we went in for the day anyway. A lot of people took advantage of the time off, so there was plenty of work for those of us who elected to go in.

lunch at CreeksideToday we have been thoroughly enjoying our first day off! We started it off with a bang by sleeping in until 7 am!! Wow, what a great feeling that was. After doing a little grocery shopping, we met a group of Amazon campers at a local restaurant for an excellent lunch and some great conversation. It was a fun excursion and great to see people outside of the workplace.



Then we came home and did the best thing there is to do on a rainy afternoon! Napped in our chairs with the fireplace giving off a nice toasty glow. And Ariel decided it was time to catch up on a little snuggle time.


Yes it was an all-around great day.


Tomorrow is my birthday, and I am celebrating it by having another low-key day. Both Harry and I are having a massage, and we are heading to a local Chinese buffet for dinner. My original request was to go to a nearby town to Texas Roadhouse, which is one of our favorite places. But unfortunately, the medication Harry is taking for a bout of diverticulitis he had last week will keep him from having a beer with his steak :), so we are putting that restaurant trip off for a couple weeks.

The weather has still been very nice. Today it is rainy, but still in the 60s, and I wore my shorts and a t-shirt out this morning. So awesome to still be wearing shorts in the middle of October. After this rain passes through, it is supposed to cool off, but still with highs in the 60s which sounds so nice for this time of year. The leaves are starting to turn and we are enjoying the autumn colors. So far, thumbs up for fall in Kentucky!

Six weeks down – nine to go!


  1. Happy Birthday. Glad that it's a day off so you can just enjoy it. We did a Chinese buffet last night. It was wonderful. So hope yours is as good.

  2. I can't believe how fast the time is going! Looks like we're getting that rain tomorrow.

  3. Happy Birthday and tomorrow is Angela's birthday. Also it's our three day off from Amazon Coffeyville.

  4. Happy Birthday, enjoy your day off and the massage. We did a Chinese buffet last week was awesome. I wouldn't have taken the VTO, there to make as much money as possible.

  5. Happy belated birthday!! You deserve an afternoon nap on your day off...a rainy day makes it even easier to dose off. Don't you love all the people you have met? We loved getting together for a meal with our work camper co-workers. Take care!