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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beautiful Autumn Day and the Latest Update

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 65, Low 50)

IMG_6962 Work is going well – the pace is picking up. At the meeting we had last week, they mentioned the number of new people we had coming in and overtime hours they expected and we found it hard to believe with all the VTO they’d been offering lately. But yesterday morning, at the start-up meeting, we were surprised to hear that Mandatory Overtime had been called for our shift for Friday. That was a shock. Not because we don’t want to get the overtime, but to go so quickly from asking people if they want to go home to all of a sudden, now they need everybody from A shift to come in for an extra day. But ok….So, we got used to that idea and then after lunch, at the next meeting, the manager said that instead of MOT on Friday, they were encouraging people to volunteer for Wednesday instead. So we talked it over for a few minutes and decided to sign up for our first 5 hours of overtime. That was this morning. So we have our first 45 hour week under our belt. It wasn’t too bad. Working our way up to 50! :)


After we got home, we decided that since it was such a beautiful fall day, we would take advantage of it to go for a little walk. I think this is the first time I have walked outside since the first week we were here! A lot of the trees are changing or are even past peak, but there is a lot of green as well. I am really enjoying autumn in Kentucky. I still get to enjoy all the changing colors and smells of the season, but it is just happening so much more gradually.



The weather is supposed to change again tomorrow and get a bit cooler again. There is a pretty potent system coming through, but from looking at the weather forecast and map, we appear to be on the edge of the severe weather, so hopefully all will remain calm around here. After almost a year living in the fiver, that is still the one main thing I dislike about the mobile lifestyle – not having something with a firm foundation around me when it is windy and stormy out.

We are past the halfway point now – woot woot – just about seven weeks left to our time here at Amazon. Or as Harry told me today after he put the countdown on his phone – 54 more days! Do you think he’s feeling ready to head out?


  1. Love the fall colors! Surprised you would want to take a walk after all that standing!

  2. Nice you were able to get out and enjoy a bit of the fall season, yeah OT and half way done.

  3. One thing to Jess if it's blowing that hard that you can't sleep and you know stronger winds are on there way, just grab the cats and pile into the truck. Better to sleep there and away from trees and flying objects...