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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

End of Week Four

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 81, Low 57)

I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since I last posted! So what has been going on? Well, basically work of course. Last week after I posted on Tuesday we had our three days off. We really enjoyed the days and spent most of the time relaxing, having a chance to just watch some tv and get some sleep. On Friday we spent the day cooking and getting lots of meals ready for the next few days. Then it was back to work as of Saturday morning.

Yesterday we finished our first full stretch of 10 hour days. The job is really going well. Both Harry and I have been working on the sort line, which is on the sort dock, and is where the incoming shipments are sorted out and sent to either the receiving line, or to Prep etc. We rotate around the different positions pretty much every 2.5 hours. The shipments come in either on pallets, or in a truck. And by truck, I mean an 18 wheeler full from front to back of row after row of boxes with a fixed conveyer belt going down the center of it, completely covered with boxes of course. Yesterday we were emptying a truck, and after lunch I had the job of putting the boxes on the conveyer belt, opening the box, then pushing it down the line to the other workers. Some of the boxes are pretty heavy but I felt pretty good about how much I accomplished while I was working in there. I was able to keep the rest of the line supplied with work anyway. :) First time I ever unloaded a tractor trailer!

Physically, we are both feeling pretty good. Harry says his hands are sore. For me, it is more my shoulders. The muscles are very tight from the repetitive motion of lifting and opening all the boxes of product. I am trying to do stretches to loosen them up. Other than that, I feel fine. I am tired at the end of the day though. We are walking anywhere from 7.75 to 9 miles in the course of a shift.

Three times over the past two weeks they have offered VTO (voluntary time off) for part of an afternoon. Harry and I have signed up to stay for the full shift each time, along with maybe a third of the rest of the campers. (The majority of the full time employees leave when they get the chance. lol) Yes we would like to have the afternoon off, but we figure that we are here to make some money and we have eleven more weeks to do that! Now, when there’s overtime being offered, we’ll be taking them up on that one.

We have a pretty low key agenda ahead of us for the next three days. I have some meals in the freezer so I don’t need to do as much cooking for next week’s work days. We decided that each week we will go out to dinner one of our days off, so today we are going to check out Gnomie’s Barbeque Shack. Other than that, we’re going to be getting reacquainted with our recliners and catching up on dvr’d tv shows. Ahh, sounds so nice!!

I most likely won’t post again until our next break, so see you after Week 5!


  1. Yep, make as much as you can while there, enjoy your down time, Before you know it you'll be done :)

  2. Was wondering how you two were doing :) We are at the RV-Dreams rally in Franklin, NC. There is a couple here at the rally that are starting at Campbellsville in a few weeks.

  3. Your main reason to be there is to make money so I wouldn't be going home early either. Hope the shoulders and hands work out the soreness.

  4. If you two plan on a place to eat that we haven't tried yet let us know if you want to double date.

  5. Great attitude guys....make hay while you can...the end will come sooner than you think and then you can relax and have fun thru the winter.


    Les and Sue

  6. Just getting caught up. We are back to a good connection and see you are in Campbelsville. We were ther last year and overall I really enjoyed it. If you only go to one distillery be sure to go to Makers Mark around the holidays.
    Enjoy your time there, there is a lot to enjoy.