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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hoping For a Phone Call!

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 36, Low 23)

Last week on Thursday, we were super excited to get an automated phone call from Amazon informing us that our mandatory overtime for Friday had been cancelled. Ahhh! Three days off in a row. We enjoyed them SO much. Now we are wondering whether we will be getting another phone call tomorrow. Officially our overtime is still on schedule, but we have heard of two other day shifts that had their overtime cancelled on Monday and Tuesday. But then last night one of our neighbors here in the campground did have his overtime shift of overtime. So, will we or won’t we?

The bigger question, of course, is when do we get done for good. A group of us went out for dinner last night to celebrate it being FRIDAY, and everyone in Inbound is hoping to be released next week. We’ve been told that emails should be going out sometime this week to give us the final details, and we will be so excited to know for sure. We have been working now at Amazon for just over three months, and we are definitely ready to call it a day and move on. It’s been good but we are ready. (After we are all done, I will do a summary of our thoughts about the whole experience.)

One thing we wanted to keep track of while we were here was our weight. We weighed ourselves the day before we started. I’d heard the stories of people losing ten, fifteen pounds working here and that would have been so nice. Nope, not me. But I’m not too disappointed. We have been eating out A LOT since we started into the overtime weeks. For example, this past work week, we ate out three of the four evenings. This morning, we both weighed ourselves, and I am down 2.2 pounds since September 8th. Harry is down 5 pounds exactly. So I guess we’ve done ok. I do feel like I am in really good shape now. I spend ten hours of the day walking, pushing heavy carts, crouching, lifting boxes, and I haven’t even been breaking a sweat. Harry has been doing a lot of carrying and lifting boxes, sometimes pretty heavy boxes. We both feel pretty good about how we’ve accomplished the jobs. But we’re still counting down the days!!

The weather has been cold, but that’s not news. Half the blogs I read are talking about the cold weather!! At least here it’s “normal” cold weather for us, and not what we would be experiencing up north. Here we get close to 40 in the afternoons, but at home the highs have been in the 20s. And soon we will be heading further south, where hopefully pretty soon it will be warming up! :)

Fingers crossed for only four more days to work!!


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you also. Three months is a long time to put in the hours you have.

  2. yep, 3 months is a long time! We are on our 8th week and are doing the big countdown. Being in "outbound" our busy time has really hit. We started our 2nd week of mandatory OT last night and were busy bee's. Oh well, only another week and 1/2, I think I can make it. LOL

  3. That time went by so fast. I'm sure you are looking forward to getting back to a normal sleeping time, days off (all of them!) and eating. Anxious to hear the summation!

  4. It sounds funny when you say you can't wait till you are released sounds like you are waiting to get out of jail. Looks like tomorrow is the big day, 1 year since you left for your full time adventure . Happy Anniversary Darlene from Pa

  5. Hey Jess. don't think me rude or anything like that but you's have more then likely loss more weight then what you see on the scale.Remember muscle is much heaver then fat tissue and after all that lifting and pushing I'm sure your much stronger. Your still my hero when you did that Marathon... I tell every body about that program you guys did...Now if I could only get my sorry ass to do it. :)

    1. lol :) Thanks Joey! My clothes do fit pretty good so I think you're right about that.

      I'm getting lined up to do more running events next year...a 10k in April and another half-marathon in June. :)

  6. We know what you mean about the cold weather, back home it's hovering around 11 most days. With our temps in the 30's & 40's we feel warm, now we're almost to the Gulf and it's suppose to be in the 60's :) Hope you get released soon though I'm sure the bank account likes the $$'s you've been adding to it.