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Monday, December 23, 2013

We are Out of Campbellsville

Location: Goodlettsville, TN (High 63, Low 42)

Well, the weather cleared up enough that we had a pretty good trip yesterday. But before that we had one more crazy stormy night in Campbellsville. The storm system hadn't sounded too bad - just thunderstorms. I kept an eye on it on the computer throughout the evening. No severe weather alerts other than wind. We headed to bed only to be awakened by the shrill sound of our weather alarm going off. Tornado warning. We had a quick discussion about our limited options. I wondered if we should drive to a store in town but Harry was worried about driving into the storm. So we elected to stay put. If a tornado had come through we would have been toast. We had nowhere to take shelter. It was super scary. We went outside and that really freaked me out too. It was almost still and we could hear the storm coming. So we just went back inside and listened as it passed over us. It was a wild storm but thankfully we had no damage. However, I am so glad that we will not be staying at this campground next year! 

Yesterday morning after our late excitement the night before, we woke to a cloudy day but no wind. We packed up and were happy to have no issues. I took some pictures but I am using blogger on my Kindle fire to write this post instead of my computer so I'm not able to include them. 

We left Campbellsville around 11:30 which seemed so weird after sitting in one place for so long. We had a really quick trip and arrived at our overnight stop at the Nashville Country RV Park. We had been hoping to be released earlier so we could spend a few days checking out Nashville but maybe next time. This morning we are having one last breakfast out with another Amazon camper couple who traveled along with us before we go our separate ways today. Then we will head out for Adairsville, GA where we will be staying until just after New Year's day. We are looking forward to having some time to relax. 


  1. I wondered about you Amazon folks after I heard there was a tornado there. Wow...no tornado watch alert, it just went right to a warning? I wish more campgrounds would provide some sort of sturdy building for shelter. We always try to check out the clubhouse or laundry, but often they are as flimsy as the Rv's we live in. Glad you made it out of town safe and sound. Enjoy your rest.

  2. I saw the weather for your area too, and wondered how you guys fared. Glad that it all went well and you got out safely. Now you can just enjoy life!

  3. So glad to hear from you and know that all if well. Now you can relax and have a very Merry Christmas.

  4. Pleased that you are OK. Now, it is time to rest and relax and enjoy the winter in a warm place.

  5. Travel carefully after sitting so long..... Lots of stuff can show up after a hiatus....

  6. Happy New Year Jessica. Nan Talley and John are our neighbors at the Allegro Campground in Red Bay, AL. If you get a chance please send me the picture that Harry took of our Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks! Your neighbor at Lakeway Bill Osborne

  7. Glad things worked out. Happy late New Year.