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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Where Are We?

Location: Adairsville, GA

nashvillecountry Brrrr! We have to keep reminding ourselves that we are really in the south, because it sure does feel a lot like HOME (AKA the cold north!!). On the positive side though, we really didn’t see any precipitation. Maybe a few (shhh!) snow flurries as we were going over the mountains yesterday, but nothing significant.




We had a great start to the morning when we met our friends Nancy and Fred Salin for breakfast at Waffle House. It was our last day hanging out with them after almost four months working together at Amazon, so it sure was sad to be going our separate ways. We are looking forward to more fun times next fall when we return to Campbellsville.




And then it was time to hit the road. It was another cloudy dreary kind of traveling day. You can see the hazy skyline of Nashville, TN off in the distance. For being a Monday, the traffic was not bad at all.





There were some really pretty stretches as we went along. Although the pictures would look better with some blue sky in them. IMG_7028






It was mid-afternoon when we crossed over the state line into Georgia.





Even though we were heading toward Atlanta, once again we were pleasantly surprised not to encounter much traffic.



harvestmoon2 It was around 4:30 when we arrived at our stop for the next ten days or so…Harvest Moon RV Park.





We have a great open pull through site. Just the way we like them. :)



It feels so nice to be settled in a new spot for a few days. AND I slept all night – until 5 am, without waking up once!! That’s more like it. :)


  1. Enjoy your rest. Don't feel bad about the cold weather. Here in Florida, we have a cold front coming in and it will get down to 40 degrees tonight. You're not alone.

  2. I'm surprised you didn't have much traffic. I thought there might be lots of travelers on the road. Hopefully your weather will warm up a bit so you can really enjoy your next ten days of relaxation. Merry Christmas.

  3. Lack of traffic is always a good thing.

  4. Nice uneventful drives are the best. Hope you enjoy the park there and have a wonderful Christmas.

  5. Nice you had an easy ride, hope the weather turns warm for you. Merry Christmas!!