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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Like We Never Left

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 89, Low 69)



Well, here’s our crew! The first week group at Amazon!



Our day started yesterday at 8 am. We started out by getting our pictures taken for our badges and receiving our shift and assignment. Harry and I were happy to find out we were going back to receiving and we also got days. We have a different shift than we did last year and will be working Sun – Wed.

They’ve changed a few details from last year. We had a full day yesterday, with morning being the orientation stuff that we did on Monday last year. Then in the afternoon we did what they call Safety School, which was on Tuesday last year. It’s basically a tour of different stations where they introduce some of the techniques used in the various jobs. Like how to lift boxes, move pallets, move around conveyors. It was a good refresher, but I was also surprised at how second nature it all seemed. It really feels like we’ve only been away for a few weeks instead of 8 months!

The work hardening process has also been changed a bit due to standardizing the camperforce program across the different facilities. Last year our first two weeks were adjusted…week 1 with 5 hour shifts and week 2 with 7.5 hour shifts. This year we just have the next three days of shortened shifts. Today through Friday we’ll be working 5 hour shifts from 6 am to 11. Then we have Saturday off and start our normal 10 hour shifts on Sunday. Time to see how our legs are going to hold up!

It was a much different experience than last year’s first day in the warehouse. Last year we were pretty overwhelmed with trying to remember everything, like just how to get from Point A to Point B. This year it felt normal. We knew our way around. It was fun to see familiar faces and have people waving and welcoming us back. All in all, a good first day.

Week 1 of 17 is underway!


  1. Wow! I had no idea the camperforce started so early! I had been thinking October or November! Shows you how much I know.

  2. Going into our year four and yes, it does seem like "coming home" for a few weeks. 17 weeks wow! We won't be coming till mid-October, but we're working out west until the end of September