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Friday, August 22, 2014

Trip is Under Way and 60 Mile Bike Ride

Location: Westfield, NY (High 78, Low 64)

catskilldepartureAs I expected, the past few days flew by and this morning we were ready to head out on the road at a really early time for us – 8 am! It was a really cloudy day but we were very lucky that we encountered only light rain. It was one of our eriekoalonger travels days – a little over 380 miles, and we were happy to pull into the Westfield/Lake Erie KOA a little after 3 pm. We have stayed at this KOA three times now and coincidentally have had this site every time. We are only here overnight and tomorrow will be moving on to Seville, OH.

IMG_3010I wanted to share a few pictures and details about one of my favorite events last week when we were up in the Adirondacks – a SIXTY mile bike ride we took around one section of Lake Champlain. Even now a week later, I am still so excited that I successfully biked 60 miles in one day – “successfully” meaning that I didn’t feel like I was going to fall over and pass out by the end of it.

IMG_3019It was a gorgeous day, with a brilliant blue sky as we started on our day trip. We drove to the Cumberland Head ferry in Plattsburgh and left our cars there. IMG_3023



We biked from there north through several little towns, including Chazy Landing and Rouses Point. Our bike route also took us through Point Au Roche State Park.





I found out where the name of the town Chazy comes from!

I enjoyed reading all the historical signs along the way. I wish I had gotten a picture of the one that said “Benjamin Franklin paused here on a trip to Montreal”.











We biked over this bridge that goes from Rouses Point, NY over into Vermont.










We took a little break in Grand Isle, VT to wait for this drawbridge to go back down.




We were at 51 miles at this point and still smiling!




I could see these kayakers from the bridge as we were waiting.






Finally, 8 hours and 60 miles later, we arrived at the ferry landing in Grand Isle, VT.





Here is Harry very glad to be standing up! Smile






We enjoyed a quick ride across the ferry back to our cars.


We had a great bike ride and I’m looking forward to doing another long ride next year. But we may need to prepare our posterior regions with some shorter rides first so we can enjoy the ride a little more next time.


  1. Awesome! We know all those towns and areas and you have our admiration :) Great job!

  2. What a bike ride, I'm impressed! We're just starting out in our biking endeavors and loving it.