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Saturday, January 31, 2015

End of our Time in the Keys

Location: Marathon, FL (High 83, Low 63)



This has been a wonderfully relaxing month. The best part about this place, by far, has been the paved walkway only a quarter mile from the campground.



We’ve been sticking pretty close to home. In fact, we had one whole week where we didn’t drive anywhere at all. But we sure didn’t feel confined, as we were heading down that trail every day, sometimes twice a day.



We did have a couple outings this week. On Tuesday we drove over to Key West one more time. The first thirty minutes we were there provided confirmation to our decision to rent the car for the race weekend.IMG_3317 That’s how long we spent driving the truck around the tight Key West streets before we were able to find a place to park.





We walked around town a bit, but it was pretty crowded with a cruise ship in town.

At least we did make it back to the southernmost point!

10918551_10206122540769287_1596567272_o (1)

Yesterday we made a return trip to one of our favorite places here…the Cracked Conch Café.




It’s not a fancy place, but we enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, and their conch chowder is worth the trip.











And in honor of it being our last time eating out here in the Keys, we finished off our meal with a piece of their key lime pie. Yum.


Today we hung out around here. I picked up inside and Harry went through his “getting ready to go” routine. In the morning we’ll be heading north to Avon Park, FL.


  1. You look SO relaxed in that photo. The Keys must agree with you.

  2. Parking in Key West is never easy. We usually go to a little parking lot near Mallory Square. It's $4 an hour, but worth it because it's big enough to get in and out of in our truck. Safe travels.

  3. I hope you enjoy y'alls stay in Avon Park. We will be returning to Adelaide Shores RV resort next year. Say Hi to Dee and Jim (tumbleweed)

  4. I bet you enjoyed being in the Keys. The only way we'll be able to afford it is to find a cushy workamping job there :) Have fun with Dee & Jim!

  5. safe travels as you venture out on the highways again!!