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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Just Hangin’ and Exploring a New Website

Location: Marathon, FL (High 78, Low 75)


It’s been a pretty quiet week around here in Marathon. The weather has been gorgeous, and we have been just hanging out and enjoying it.


I have spent some time this week doing a little cooking as well, using a new website I found recently. A few weeks ago, Dee from Tumbleweed did a blog where she talked about trying out a gourmet food delivery service, where the company would send ingredients to make two gourmet meals/week. I like to cook so I checked out the website, but the meals were too “fancy” for me, for lack of a better word. I like to make a more “normal” kind of meal. This got me thinking though about finding a service that would more suit my kind of cooking. So I did an online search and found an article that compared different food services and apps.

After looking at several of the companies and apps, I decided to try one called Plan to Eat. One thing I like about this website is that there is a 30 day free trial, so I’m still in the trial period, but right now I’m leaning towards continuing at the end of the month. And the cost is $39/year, so very affordable.

The main way that this website helps is with organization. You can add your own recipes to the recipe book by typing them in, or can import recipes from websites online. I would imagine that the first few months would be the most labor intensive, as it will take a while to add recipes and do searches for new ones. But once the recipes are in, it seems like it will really make coming up with meal plans much easier.

I have a planner in my account, and all I have to do is drag a recipe to a certain day. Then I can use my planner to create a shopping list. No more looking through each recipe to decide what I need to buy for the week. The website organizes all the ingredients into categories and then I just check off the foods that I already have. There is also a cooking view for each recipe that can be used while cooking. The jury’s out but so far I am really liking it.


We have one week left here in Marathon. We don’t have much planned other than a trip to Key West on Tuesday. It’s been a nice relaxing month.


  1. Thats the best part of the Keys. Just relaxing and loving the weather!

  2. I still enjoy making a lot of meals in the crockpot. A lot of good recipes can be found on allrecipes.com. Looking forward to what you make!

  3. You should give spoonacular a try too - it's similar to the one you're trying out, but it's always free and includes nutritional info :) https://spoonacular.com/meal-planner