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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Enjoying Life in Marathon

Location: Marathon, FL (High 78, Low 61)

It’s been a great week here in Marathon. No big outings, just enjoying getting out there and being active, cooking on the grill, and relaxing.


We enjoyed a little nostalgic moment on Monday afternoon when we stopped in at the Cracked Conch Café for a bowl of conch chowder. It was November 2008 when we last were there. 10886646_10206122557009693_545051206_oHarry and I were on our first vacation together and driving down from Pompano Beach to Key West when we stopped at this small diner for our first taste of conch chowder. And it was just as good this time as we had remembered.

We’ve been getting out there each day on the bike/walking trail getting ready for the half in Key West which is now only TEN days away. Tuesday we went for a six 10927382_10206141457042182_631091424_omile run. I’ve been pretty happy with how I’m doing after a two month hiatus from running.

This is me as a hot mess after our humid six mile run.



Yesterday we decided to take a break from running and bike to the Old Seven Mile Bridge from the campground.








It was just about 14 miles to the end of the bridge walkway. The highlight was stopping to look at the water and seeing stingrays. Harry got some awesome shots.











10425452_10153029800069766_7377242650107671053_nAfter biking to the end of the bridge, we biked back to the parking area and then on a path which goes down to the water and a nice picnic area.




I had packed a nice picnic lunch and we settled in for a relaxing break with a great view. You can see the bike saddle pack I got a few years ago from LL Bean. It has come in so handy for packing snacks, lunches etc when we go on a long bike ride.



We couldn’t ask for a nicer view from our table.



From the picnic area looking back towards the old seven mile bridge walkway…







10421174_10153029800119766_1610381574532707017_nThe entire trip was a little less than 29 miles. We were glad that there was a bike path, especially through the busy Marathon area. There were a lot of crossroads and lights and we had to be on the alert for turning cars and people driving out of parking lots. The ride was beautiful though, and we will probably do it at least one or two more times while we are here.



  1. That was quite a bike ride. We're planning on doing more biking when we get back down there. I don't know if I would ride through Marathon though...bike path or not. You're braver than we are! Enjoy your stay. I'll bet it feels pretty cold there today with the lower temps and wind.

  2. Jealous of your views of the water! Now that we know our schedule, we'll be getting over to the ocean soon :)

  3. We miss our time there, especially right now as it's low 20s and very windy here in the Gulf. We were in Marathon (Knights Key) just a few weeks ago. Good Luck with your marathon!

  4. We found the cold weather as well, After leaving Arizona and headed east we are now in Texas where it is down in the upper 20's. Looks like we are headed right into the cold weather!