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Friday, January 2, 2015

Florida Keys Overseas Highway Heritage Trail

Location: Marathon, FL (High 80, Low 74)

IMG_3153One of the main items on our agenda today was continuing our training for the half marathon that we have coming up in a couple weeks.

A little before 8, we crossed the road in front of the campground to find a really nice shoulder.

We were happy to have that and were discussing whether we should go both down and back on the same side of the road, when we IMG_3154looked across the road to see…

the start of a bike trail!

How awesome! It was only about two tenths of a mile from the campground entrance. We weren’t sure how far it would go, but we figured that however far it went it would be great to be off the main road.



















We went four miles down the trail before turning back. What a great find! And most of the trail was really shady, which was a positive on this hot and humid morning.

It was on the way back that we found out what we were on…



106 mile of bike/multi-use trail! Nice! It isn’t continuous, but even so, it covers a good part of the Keys. The section that we are near goes all the way through Marathon to the Seven Mile Bridge.


We intended to go back later today and check out more of the trail with our bikes, but got seduced by the lure of the pool instead. It’s on our agenda for tomorrow though!

It was a great first day here in the Keys.


  1. How nice and lucky for you to find that trail. Your running can kick into high gear now :)

  2. I wish they would finish the trail, but it looks like you found a nice section. I especially like the shade part. We'll have to check it out when we get back down there.