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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Down to our Last Three Weeks

Location: Earlton, NY (High 78, Low 62)

11143280_10207127836741058_8418103152422549603_nWhen we arrived in NY around the middle of April, it seemed like we would have so much time here. However, I was looking at the calendar this morning and realized that we are now down to our final three weeks here.

I11244871_10207162603410203_1223401328_o know there are a lot of fulltimers who use the summer to travel around northern areas of the country, and we plan to do that someday, but right now we use the summer months to have some quality time with family as well as to get all of our doctors and other types of appointments accomplished.

Back in late May, I had already had my cleaning/checkup with my dentist and was scheduled for a little follow-up work, when my tooth obliged with our summer plans by choosing that moment to break. So now my little follow-up has become three more dentist appointments in the next three weeks as I have to have a crown put on one tooth. I could have done without that but at least it happened now when I was near my regular dentist. Other than that, most of our appointments are now finished and with good reports, we are good to go for another year.

11694827_10153469081204766_6865192154440367235_n (1)Time with family is always too short for me, but I remind myself that there is no way I would have this kind of quality time to spend with family if Harry and I were still living in a house in Castleton with fulltime jobs. Instead of three and a half months all at once, we might have had one day a month, or a hurried visit on an occasional evening. So I try to keep that in mind when the moment to say “see you soon” starts to tick closer.

When we leave here on the 31st of July, we’ll be heading down the road for some more time with family. You 11187994_10207040369354428_186874438_omay recall last year when we had our grandson stay with us for a week after we drove to MA to pick him up. Just a few weeks ago, he (and his baby brother and parents) moved to Ohio. So we’ll be heading in that direction next for a few weeks of quality “Papa and Grammy” time.

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