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Friday, July 31, 2015

On Our Way Out of New York

Location: Canandaigua, NY (High 87, Low 62)

Looking back at our empty site...It was a whirlwind final few days for Harry and me. I had two last dental appointments and Harry had another annual doctor appointment. Despite our good intentions to get our appointments out of the way early, we both ended up having last minute commitments when the offices didn’t have any earlier openings in either May or June for us to schedule. Between that, and a few last visits with family, it sure made for a fast week.

We weren’t in a huge hurry to leave early this morning since we had a nice 230 mile trip ahead of us.


In one change from our usual routine, due to the fact that we had backed our rig up as much as possible into our site when we arrived, we had to hook up and pull forward this morning so Harry could pack up the bikes.



I’m always glad after a longer stay when all the slides come in and everything works!




Unlike our last trip, we had blue skies for the entire journey as well as clear roads.


11806618_10207762778854214_1439760932_oWe have always stayed at the Westfield/Lake Erie KOA on our way out of the state, but we decided to switch it up this time. We had such trouble in April getting level in the site that it soured us a bit. Also to get there in one day from the Catskill area makes for a longer travel day than we like. So we’re in a new campground this time – 11837099_10207762777694185_908063074_oCanandaigua/Rochester KOA. I know a lot of people don’t care for KOAs, but we do stay in them occasionally. We like our overnight stops to be relatively close to the highway and sometimes the KOA is the one that fits the bill. We did almost have a rocky start to this stay when the woman in the office directed us to our site in the wrong direction, but luckily one of the KOA employees happened to be right there when we got out to look at the site and got us going in the right direction before any major rig movements were required to get us turned around the right way.

11794027_10207762777334176_553599970_oThe living area on our spot is really nice, and would be great to enjoy if we were staying for a few days, but unfortunately we’re only here overnight. I might have to go outside with my cup of coffee in the morning though.

Tomorrow we’re moving on to Garrettsville, OH and another new campground for us!

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  1. I find I enjoy my morning coffee sitting outside just observing what is going on. But sometimes I am just too lazy and hubby serves it to me in bed. You sound so relaxed.