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Sunday, August 2, 2015

On to Ohio for Grandkid Time!

Location: Garrettsville, OH (High 85, Low 63)

An early photo of Schaun and PapaFor as long as we have been grandparents, which is about six and a half years now, we have had to make do with short weekend visits. Even when we had the house in NY, Harry’s daughter lived a little over two hours away in MA. We would try to get out their way once a month to spend some time with the family. And since we have been fulltiming, we have had Schaun come and stay with us a few times in our fiver, but since our second grandson was born in January of last year, we have had only a few short visits with him. (The nearest campground in MA was over an hour away.)

So…we were so happy this year to find out that Gretchen’s job was going to 11822171_10207772681261768_663079953_o (1)be bringing her and the family to the Cleveland, Ohio area. As soon as I knew where they would be moving, I got right to work doing some searching and found a campground (Kool Lakes Family Campground) that looked pretty nice, and was just 30 miles from their home. And now here we are, settled in for the next month for our first real extended period of time with the grandkids! We are so excited!

11840390_10207773212475048_1838090116_oSchaun is away for the week visiting another set of grandparents, but yesterday Will, Gretchen and their little guy came over for dinner. It took about an hour of hanging out on the floor before he got comfortable enough to leave the safety of his father’s lap, but after that he decided we weren’t dangerous and started happily exploring.

11801147_10207773853291068_552612606_o (1)


We took turns being the chase adult!






Run like the wind!



We will be on duty babysitting for the next four weeks, and are looking forward to having lots of fun times with the little guys. We have a whole month to make some good memories.


  1. Now is the time to start setting time for visits. I visited ever month or two for a weekend when my grandsons were very small. Now that they are teenagers, they pass by with a Hi Grandma and are on to their own lives. Make your memories now!

    1. Absolutely! That is exactly why we are making it a priority now over traveling to new areas. :)

  2. So cool that you could find a place close enough to them. The new grandson is a cutie :) What's his name?