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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Projects and Amazon Update

Location: Earlton, NY (High 83, Low 64)

I looked at my blog this morning and was surprised to see it had been a whole week already since my last blog posting. The days are sure flying. This week has been a really nice one – it seems like the rainy days have finally started subsiding and the temps have been really nice. I’ve seen a lot of comments on facebook about people who are experiencing really hot weather, but here it’s just been nice normal summer type weather. In fact, tomorrow we may have our first 90 degree day of the season.

Both Harry and I have been busy this week. My sister and brother in law were out of town so I spent a few days at their law office finishing up my scanning for the summer and just overseeing the place. At the same time, Harry was busy at their house putting up a set of shelves in their basement. He has enjoyed having a project to work on and a garage to putz around in with all the appropriate tools and cutting equipment. He is still working on the shelving unit so I will post a picture of him with his creation in my next blog.

We also heard from Amazon this week. Can you believe that it is almost time for peak season 2015 to get started? I was surprised to see in the email that they are starting peak season in Campbellsville even earlier this year – the first group will be starting August 9th! And then a new group starting each week after that. The last I heard, the Aug. 9th group has filled but they are still looking for campers who want to start the other weeks in August, so if anyone out there is interested, you still have time to apply and make it there for one of their early weeks. (Here is the link to the application page.) We are expecting to start the week of Aug. 30th, which I guess is technically August. We might have considered starting earlier, but we have more important plans – hanging out with two little guys in Ohio. Smile


  1. I kind of wish we could get there to start earlier. It's all we can do to get there by the end of September! :)

  2. I really admire all of you who have the strength to work at Amazon. But I can definitely understand how it makes full timing possible for you.