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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Back in Campbellsville For Year Three at Amazon

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 86, Low 66)

We had a really great time over the past month spending lots of time with our grandsons. We finished up our visit by taking Schaun to his first day of school this past Thursday. We so 11939351_10207990410824871_362567211_oappreciated being able to have a whole month of quality time, getting to know Kenny and spending more time with Schaun than we’ve been able to any other year since he was born. We’ll be 11924618_10207990607669792_826688169_ogoing back to Ohio next year for lots more visiting. In the meantime, we’re very glad that Skype makes face to face visits possible over long distances.


This past Friday we started out on our two day trip south to Campbellsville. We were 11939008_10207992823445185_668076281_oreally lucky to have two days of nice weather for our traveling. We were a bit on the slow side for leaving Friday morning after a month of sitting, so we didn’t get to our stopping point yesterday until almost 4:30.  Indian Springs Campground is not too far from Cincinnati, so we were extremely lucky that we got off 275 before rush hour really heated up.


We have been to this campground before and it is a pretty simple set up. As far as we’re concerned, one of its main claims to fame is the great salad bar at the local Kroger’s. Dinner! (On the way back from fueling up, we could see the traffic on the highway at a complete standstill. We were SO glad that we were already there.)


This morning we made sure that we got up and moving for a much earlier start.

Indian Springs is on State Line Rd and it is very evident why, as it is only a stone’s throw away from Indiana.



And then only a couple miles down the road…Kentucky!






We have done this trip enough now that the roads are pretty familiar. We always know we are getting close when we start seeing the horse farms.



11973364_10207998723512683_950238645_oAfter a nice short trip, we pulled into Heartland Campground a little after 11 am. We are parked next to our friends Dave and Kathy who were also our neighbors last year.




Home sweet home for the next four months…



We have one day to relax before we have our first day of Orientation on Monday. We will have our badge pictures taken, and do all the typical first day stuff. I will be reporting more on Monday. Also, I will have new work processes to talk about over the next few months because there have been lots of changes this year. Campbellsville is undergoing a huge construction makeover and we will also be doing new jobs this season. So there should be lots to talk about!


  1. We sure are looking forward to being there too. I know George has been craving the college buffets ;-) It'll be nice to put some $$ back into the savings account again!

    1. Yes we have been looking for to dinner at the college also. We went today and bought all the lunch stuff etc.

  2. Wishing you both a good first day of work!