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Monday, August 3, 2015

Our Month With No Sewer Hookup

Location: Garrettsville, OH (High 80, Low 56)


I was thinking back on our month long stay at Earlton Campground, our first time in a park without a sewer hookup. I think the best thing about the stay is that we now know we could do it if needed. We were always worried about the pumpout scenario, as we had heard horror stories about tanks imploding, but everything went fine. (Well, other than the pump guy pulling on our black tank handle and the pull cable breaking, but luckily we already had a couple repair items scheduled while we were here and that just got added to the list. After that Harry pulled our own handles.)


Overall, our stay there was positive. However, it was a confirmation for Harry and me that we are never going to be boondockers, or even go looking for other sites that are W-E only. We enjoy our long showers and washing machine too much.


11793770_10207760610360003_1850047727_o (1)

The best thing about Earlton was the atmosphere. The people were very friendly and it was quiet, even on the weekends. (It helped that we were not on the side of the campground where the pavilion was.) Also we were only about 30 minutes from Albany and 10 minutes from my sister’s house. More positives.

The biggest negative – other  than no sewer – was the 11801143_10207760612920067_1574835106_o (1)water. Horrible tasting and smelling. We used bottled water for everything. Also by the end of the month we were getting a smell in the bedroom. We think it was because the trap in the washing machine line had dried out because as soon as we arrived in Rochester we did a load of laundry and it went away.

Having said all that, the positives did outweigh the negatives and we’ll be using it for our time in the area for at least the foreseeable future. We’ve already booked a two month stay for next year.


  1. Booked it for two months next year? But you said you wouldn't be looking for W+E only sites in the future. We almost always get full hook ups, but if we have no sewer we don't seem to mind going to the dump station once a week. I guess it must be harder to hook up and move a fifth wheel. We just left a one month stay. I do like being in one place for a few weeks, but really felt the hitch itch in the last week.

    1. Yeah, I meant we wouldn't be looking to stay at W-E sites at other places. Here we don't have a lot of options. We stay in the Albany area every summer because we have all our doctors/dentists etc here and our family is here. So our choices are, stay at Brookside where we were with the full hookups, or Earlton which is closer to Albany and we like the atmosphere better.

  2. When you don't have hookups you really learn to be conservative. I don't mind boondocking for a month or so but it always feels so good when we do have hook ups and I can have a long shower.

  3. Blue Boy? More Space between pump outs?

  4. Is there a specific rule about draining gray water on the ground? We do it at home when we use the motorhome as extra accommodations for guests and have never had a problem with it. Our grass loves it and there is no smell.

  5. I would miss my washer/dryer for sure!