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Monday, August 31, 2015

First Day at Amazon Done

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 91, Low 62)

We are now officially underway. Every year the first day is just a little different. Last year it was on Tuesday of the week we started, but this year it was moved back to Monday. Other than logistical details, the opening day is nothing too exciting – basically all the typical “stuff” that you find out when you start working at any new company. It doesn’t really change much (meaning at all) from year to year, so every year it becomes more and more familiar. The best (cough cough) part is the lovely short videos that have all the cheesy skits showing what NOT to say to all of your coworkers.

After an hour long lunch on our own, we went over to the fulfillment center for “safety school”, ie the tour of the facility, demonstration of how to use safety equipment etc. Again this doesn’t change much from year to year, so standing around listening to all of this info really makes me wish for a good cup of coffee.

For the next three days, we’ll be working the shorter “work hardening” shift of five hours. It gives your bodies some time to acclimate to the work, especially standing and walking on concrete. Harry and I are excited this year to be starting in a new department – as pickers! From what I’ve heard, it sounds like pickers are consistently getting in over ten miles a day so that is going to be a new adventure for us. Less lifting, but more walking.

Tomorrow we start our training I’ll report back with more later this week.


  1. Jessica,

    Sounds like your becoming those old pros!

    It will be interesting to hear your take on the picking position this year instead of the receiving dept.

    We just received our assignments for Haslet and we will be working the morning shift in receiving starting 9/23.

    So do you have any hints for us in receiving?

    We are excited for our first time at Amazon!

    Hope your peak season is a good one.

    Stay Well,

    Les and Sue

    1. Hey guys, that's awesome! Good luck at Haslet. I've heard that facility is very different and modern. Haslet is a KIVA facility so I'm not sure how that affects the jobs. My best advice is to make sure you have good shoes. :)