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Friday, August 7, 2015

Fun Family Time in Ohio

Location: Garrettsville, OH (High 81, Low 62)

Our first week here in Ohio has been a great one. As I mentioned last week, Schaun is away visiting so it has been quality time with Kenny so far. This has been the first real time we have spent with Kenny since he was born so we have enjoyed the one on one time with him.

A lot of what we’ve done over the past few days isn’t too exciting, except when you’re not even two years old yet.



Wow, they have cars in the grocery store!





Whee! Big slide!







Cartoons on the computer!




Walking with Papa…




For us the most exciting part happened yesterday when our purchase arrived…


a new bike seat!

Harry installed it and then took a couple practice loops with it. After Kenny got up we put him in the seat and let him get used to riding around in it.



Today we drove over to a local rail trail and went for our first official bike ride!




I’d say it was a success.

We are looking forward to going on more bike rides with both boys over the next couple weeks.

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