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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

First Day Back Under Our Belt


The weekend went so quickly, with packing and moving things over to the rig in between waves of rain. We were really pretty lucky though, because we by no means had constant rain. Just off and on showers. A few hard rains but even they didn’t last very long.


This morning we were awake pretty early, so we got up and got the last minute items moved over. Harry checked the pressure on the tires (all good!) and then we hooked back up for departure. It all seemed quite familiar, and beyond a few, “oh yeah forgot that”s, everything proceeded as if we had just been traveling a few weeks ago.


The bug guy arrived right on time, and got the spraying done to cover our place for the summer.

And then we were off!


Despite the cloudy skies as we were hooking up, by the time we got on the road we had blue skies and even sunshine!



It was a beautiful, rain and traffic free day to travel!


We arrived here at Pecan Park in Jacksonville, and unhooked for the night.


It was clouding up with a storm system moving through after we got settled, and as I write this it has been raining. But we are thankful that it stayed dry while we were on the road!

Tomorrow we move on to the Charlotte, NC area for a few days. We’ll be visiting with Harry’s son Andrew and his wife Amanda. We are looking forward to seeing them!

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