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Friday, May 25, 2018

Transition Time and Solving Problems

33426030_10217337903986358_652779538014535680_nSince my last post, I’ve had my last few days of work at Home Depot. I am excited about a few months of vacation (who wouldn’t be?) but at the same time, it was bittersweet to be saying good-bye to my co-workers. The guys I work with on the delivery team are just so great. These are most of the delivery team workers…from left to right…Damon, me, Chris and Brad. There is one other woman on deliveries, Miriam, but she works evenings so she wasn’t there to be in the picture.


Damon bought this cake for my last day.

By October 1st I’ll be ready to get back to work!


Yesterday we went and picked up the rig at the storage lot. It went pretty well. Harry checked the pressure on the tires and then we hooked up.


We traveled the short trip over to our place, and pulled up in front of our house.


In perfect position for bringing all our stuff out! (Today I racked up 4 miles on my Garmin just walking to and from the rig from the house.)

33596794_10217337907026434_6054854936087232512_nIn the midst of all that, I took Ariel to the pet groomer’s to get her nails clipped one last time before we leave. She is so calm for everyone else, but horrible for us when we try to clip her nails. So we take her over there about once a month while we’re here. It becomes a little more hit and miss when we’re on the road because it’s not always easy to find groomers who work with cats.

So that was yesterday. Today has seemed like a bit of a problem day, especially for Harry. He has had a multitude of problems to solve….fixing a slide topper that wouldn’t go in correctly, leaky valve stem on the inside dually that necessitated putting the truck up and taking a tire off, a random bolt that fell out of the bottom of the slide when we were bringing it in…and the biggest issue…finding a NAIL in one of our rig tires. That was a bit of a panic moment, being that today was the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. But shout out to Laye’s Tire in Avon Park, who took Harry right in after their lunch hour and fixed our tire in about 15 minutes. Phew!

As Harry has been in problem solving mode, I have been steadily hiking back and forth with the STUFF we will need. At this point I’ve not been doing a ton of organizing, just dropping it somewhere inside the rig, because our weather forecast for the weekend is for rain, rain and more RAIN. So hopefully we can just spend some time inside getting things put together and ready for heading out on Tuesday.

And if all goes well, no more problems!

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