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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Lucking Out With Packing and Making a Decision

When we picked our rig up on Thursday, we felt like we were under a time crunch due to the weather forecast. The subtropical storm coming up was forecast to bring a lot of rain to Florida over the weekend. But so far we have been really lucky. The storm has not only not brought tons of rain to our area, at least yet, but it has kept us cloudy. I don’t think we saw any sun at all yesterday, and our high was only in the 70s. That worked out great considering we aren’t using our a/c.

We have made a lot of progress! In fact, I think we have almost everything moved in that we can do at this point.

We are going to have so much room! I will do better pictures when we are set up at our first stop, but just to give you an idea…


You may remember that over by the window to the right is where we had put the table. We removed that altogether. (It is just sitting in our living room for the summer.) We moved the cat tree over in the corner of this slide.


Over here is where the cat tree used to be. This is going to become the boys’ sleeping area for a month this summer. That box contains a portable camping bunkbed set-up. We are going to set those up in that space.


My pantry is just about put together also. It’s really spacious because I was able to put all my dry goods in another overhead cabinet, since so many of our cabinets are empty now.

And now the big decision portion of the blog…for the past few months, we have been talking about whether we want to keep this big rig. Now that we have moved our things in, we have really seen that we just don’t need a 40 foot fifth wheel anymore. We still want to travel, but we would like to have something smaller and more suited to our current lifestyle.

This is our plan as it stands now. We left a lot of things that we didn’t need in my sister’s basement, like the extra chairs to the table, the sink covers and the covers for the stove. We’re going to get all that stuff when we are up in NY. When we get back here in the fall, we’re going to put everything back where it was when we first got it. Well, as much as we can. Of course, we got rid of the couch so there’s not much we can do about that. Then during the winter season, we’re going to start doing some shopping for our next rv. Right now, we’re leaning toward a bunkroom travel trailer in the 32 ft. range. That’s going to be fun next winter!

But first, we’re going to enjoy one more summer season in the one where it all began. Two days left until we hit the road again.


  1. Times Change and needs change. Smaller will fit at some State parks you had to skip in the past.

  2. I know exactly where you are in your thinking. We've been there. Traded down a 43' fifthwheel to a 37' travel trailer bunkhouse. We will see how that works when we get our grandkids in a couple of weeks. Check out Grand Design 3170BH. Grand Design has another bunk house a bit smaller too. Can't believe all the things we don't take now that we are not fulltiming. Interesting, isn't it? Have a great few months as you head north.

  3. Have a fun summer, and another new chapter in your life. Shopping for another rig!