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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sorting Out

32556551_10217261185628447_2592656604503474176_nWhen we arrived here last August, to save on expenses we basically emptied out the fifth wheel. We didn’t want to have to buy everything new for the house. We had quite a few piles of STUFF all over the place!

Now 32620857_10217261185308439_2480848903457472512_nthat we are getting ready to go back into the fifth wheel, we are being quite a bit more selective about what we bring back.

So I’ve started sorting through the kitchen to figure out what I really use on a day to day basis. It will be nice to be able to leave stuff behind. Like the roaster oven that we used to cook our turkey or ham on holidays. I’m going to whittle my baking pans down to what I use the most often. While we are up at our seasonal site, we will only be 20 minutes from my mother’s house, so if there is anything I am missing I can borrow it from her anyway.

We will also be going through the rig before we start moving back in. Anything left in there will seriously be on the “do we really need this?” list. I am anticipating that we will have a lot of extra room in the rig. 32372847_10217237451275103_3135129700045684736_nWe won’t be bringing knick knacks, boxes of pictures which I carried around for almost five years, our printer or keurig coffee maker. We are leaving behind our rug, the side tables that we used in the bedroom and living room. Just for the summer, we are also taking out the table which we never use. (You can see it in the pic above over to the left by the window.) We will just be storing that in the house until we get back. I think we are going to be so light that the truck won’t even know it’s pulling anything!

I have today off and then I go back to work tomorrow to start my last few days before the start of summer vacation.

Thirteen days until we hit the road!

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