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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Getting Our RV Mojo Back

20180530_144502Although we weren’t really trying to rush, we got ourselves going, hooked up and on the road basically right on the dot at 9 am.

I am finding it SO easy to get the inside area travel-ready now. What a nice change!


We traveled until almost noon, and found a Pilot truck stop where we could fuel up. I used a great new app that I downloaded recently called Trucker Path. You can put in your destination, and it plots a good route, and then shows you all the truck stops, rest areas etc. along your travel route. 33923535_10217380512091534_3471229221878104064_nAnd sometimes you can even find out how busy it is at the truck stop, although that depends on people reporting in, so it’s not always an up to date report. But we used it to find our fuel up stop, as well as a rest area where we had lunch. It worked really well.

There was almost no one in the camper/truck part of the rest area.


We arrived at the Fort Mill/Charlotte KOA right around 3 pm, and after checking in, we settled into our site for the next three days. We stayed here last year, but now it is even more convenient because Harry’s son and daughter-in-law bought a house only a few miles away.

33786472_10217380443809827_370848302633058304_nNormally I might not unpack so much just for a few days, but being our first real stop, I wanted to get everything out and figure out how I was going to set up for the summer. I have to say, I love love LOVE the set up now that we have taken the table out.

We used to have both chairs over in the slide to the left, but I moved mine out and now we really have a living room space.


I put the basket and tote under the window to make a little spot for the cats to rest in the sun and look out the window on this side.

I will have to move this stuff when the boys are with us, but the rest of the time this is how it will be set up.


Here is the kitchen from the other direction.


And the bedroom….

(The blanket over the pillows is to keep cat hair off, because that is one of their favorite spots to sleep.)


Now that we are actually on the road, we are getting back in the RV frame of mind. The travel days went smoothly, as did hitching and unhitching. The cats have settled in without any complaining at all. Our summer season is off to a great start!


PS Ariel discovered the spot under the window about an hour after I first published this blog post….


  1. Looks great! We've used Trucker Path a few times also. Great especially for rest stops. The Pilot app is good as well. Feels weird to travel, right? We keep saying we hope our tires aren't getting flat on the bottom :-)

    1. haha I had the exact same thought about our tires!

  2. Looking at Laurens comment and also yours.... I can agree. But our trip right now is just a week. I love to rearrange furniture. That was a problem in an RV. Doesn't seem to have stopped you!