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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Day of Summer

We welcomed in the first day of summer with highs in the 90s as well as high humidity. The humidity is the worst part of the heat. I really hate it when everything sticks to me, and even taking a shower really doesn’t feel as refreshing. But it is nice to have sunshine, and the flowers in our front lawn are looking pretty nice, especially now that we are back to water them.

IMG_2219About a week ago, I took a picture of one of our last big projects – taking down the back shed.

Well, Harry started tackling that job yesterday. (I was at work, so that’s why there aren’t any people in these pictures.)



This shed has been pretty durable, because it has stood for the last few years even with only a plastic tarp for a roof.











There were still a few odds and ends hanging around out there. All going straight to the garbage!





The first half of the shed is gone! Well, sorta, kinda gone…






Here it is!



All of these materials will be going soon, because we now know how we’re getting rid of all this stuff. My sister was reading an article and passed the info on to me about the bagster!


The bagster is basically a flexible dumpster. (www.thebagster.com)

It costs $29.95 for a bag, and then you open it up and fill it. According to the website, you can fit a lot of stuff inside one of these. Once you have it filled, you call and arrange for pickup and that’s all there is to it. It’s a lot less expensive than getting a dumpster. So we hope to get the remains of the shed and the last of the stuff out of the garage into these. We will start that this weekend, so I will be posting an update then.


  1. Hiring someone to tear down an enormous shed was my First big step! It was an eyesore for sure. glad to see other properties have stuff like this too. Of course, Harry dod the work. Mine cost a couple thousand get cleared away.

  2. Yay, no more shed! Too bad it has to be the hottest couple days of the summer! I've seen those bagster things on TV, pretty cool idea :)

  3. The Bagster!?? Holy cow, that's absolutely genius! And cheap! I need to remember this but sure wish I had known about it 2 years ago when we did this! :)

  4. those bagsters look interesting!..wonder if they are available in Canada?