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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Getting the Shed Down

IMG_2334Yesterday was a beautiful day, and the weather cooperated with the plan for the day – continuing the project to take the shed apart.

This is what it looked like in the morning.



Again, Harry did all of this while I was at work, so he took most of these pictures.

The siding came off harder from the roof; the sides were the easiest part.




It took Harry about three and a half hours to get the whole thing down. It was all in a pile by the time I got home from work.




It is all gone now, except for the foundation.





We just have a huge pile of debris to get rid of now.






You can see where the shed used to be in the background of this picture.

Our plan now is to see how much of this debris we can fit into two bagster bags. The website says that a lot can fit in one of these bags, but we think we may have to purchase a third. After reading the bag placement instructions, we will be putting the bags on our front lawn on the side. It may take us a couple days to fill the bags, so we are going to wait for the week after next when we will have three days to devote to the cleanup project. (We don’t want the large bags sitting on the grass any longer than they have to be.) Guess we’re not going to be playing on the 4th of July holiday. But that’s ok…we don’t have any time to waste – the countdown on my computer for the end of our “work on the house projects” time ticked down to 99 days today!!


  1. If you have rome in the driveway for the Bagsters it might be wise as sitting on the grass for too long will kill it and cause you another project.

    It's about time.

    1. Unfortunately we don't have room in the driveway due to the clearance required by the company. The lawn is the only place they will fit. That's why we're waiting until the 4th, when we will have holiday and the weekend to get it done as quickly as possible.

  2. Curious to hear how the bags work. Does seem to be a good idea. Of course you could have a huge bonfire. But maybe the neighbors and local fire department would not agree! But again, you could invite the neighbors to a huge hot dog roast.

    1. Great idea!! But the is a statewide burn law that was implemented about a year and a half ago. You are not allow to have anything large then a campfire. And you can be assured our neighbors would be calling the police and I would probably be in the big house for sure.

  3. interesting about the bags..hope they work well!..nice job on getting the shed apart, Harry!!.
    the new header shot is lovely!!!..says it all!..one day very soon it will be your turn to pull out of the driveway and never look back!

  4. Since I am planning on putting a shed up, I was told to check out your blog since you were taking one down. We are RV'ers too. Right now our Dutch Star MH is in the shop getting a new awning and fixing a power window on the driver's sid e that will not go down.

  5. Your list must be getting smaller. Won't be long and the house will be on the market.