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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Keeping Up the Housework

2012-06-01_19-06-00_612We started off our productive weekend last night after I got out of work. We decided to enjoy one of our favorite burger joints, and headed over to Five Guys burgers for a quick dinner.


Then we headed over to Home Depot, and picked up some flowers for our front yard.



IMG_2173We had intended to put planting the flowers on our list for the weekend, but on the way home we started talking about the weather forecast, which was calling for a period of extended showers starting last night.



So we decided there was no time like the present, and when we got home last night, we got busy planting our purchases. The weatherman turned out to be right, and for much of last night and today, we have had showers which have given our plants a good start.



Today both Harry and I have kept up our streak of good work. Harry finished the trim in the downstairs bathroom, while I tackled another project that has been on our list since the beginning of our house improvements.

IMG_2168This is the doorway from our kitchen to the garage. The mismatched colors have bugged me since I first arrived, but we have put off repainting them until the last minute, so that there will be as little wear and tear on them as possible before we put the house on sale.






Today was the day!


I love the way they look!

More accomplishments on the horizon for tomorrow!


  1. I really like the color you chose. Very nice and quite an improvement.
    Things seem to move quicker when we can keep at it. This past two years of work has put us where we are today.

    It's about time
    Rick & Kathy Rousseau

  2. one day soon all those chores will be done and the two of you can sit back and 'smell the flowers'!

  3. Moving right along ~ it'll all pay off at the end!
    Have fun