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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lots of Woodwork



Today started out as a beautiful day, and we got up bright and early, ready to get back to work on our projects.

Both Harry and I got busy working on doors and trim.





This is the door that we bought to replace the door with the cat door in it. Today was door staining day! That was one of Harry’s jobs.




He also finished the trim in the downstairs bathroom…











and stained the trim around the office door.


In the meantime I was working on using the restor-a-finish stuff on the older trim and doors in the house.

A couple before pictures…











a couple middle of the process pictures…



The door on the left has been started, and the one on the right has not.





Everything is done in this one except the lower section on the right hand door.



The finished product…














This kind of touch up is a little tedious, but it seems so nice to  knock some more jobs off the list.

We are finished for the day now, and doing a little relaxing for what remains of our weekend.

Just 8 days left until our next trip!


  1. Good job! we have replaced four doors, and have four moe in the garage waiting to stain. Thats winter work, so I guess the will sit there for awhile as Craig is workin out side. I'm glad to see I can comment again. Blogger was funny for awhile and I couldnt comment on your blog and one one other.

  2. Your finished project looks really fabulous and so much fun to mark another off the list.

  3. Your house is starting to look brand new! Great job on the doors, and the garage steps too. Love the flowers in the yard :)

  4. Does the work ever stop? LOL. Won't be long now.

  5. A few steps closer to your dream! Love the doors.

  6. Great job on your doors! Aren't you going to miss all this fun when you go fulltime?

  7. Great job on the doors!!! One more step closer to the dream!

  8. Your woodwork looks great. Enjoy your upcoming trip - you've sure earned it.

  9. It is so obvious that your home is going to be in "move in " condition when it goes on the market. You would think that all home owners who are selling their home would have their home in that condition when the put it on the market, but they don't. Great Job.

    1. Thanks Jim! We have worked hard on it. We know we aren't going to recoup all the money we've put into it, but we are hoping we've bought ourselves a pretty quick sale.