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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ready for Rallying

2012-06-12_13-50-36_674We have had a great time so far here in Lake George, NY. We lucked out on Tuesday.




After watching the weather forecasts, we knew that we were in for a rainy afternoon and evening.

So I called the campground to see if we could come earlier than their stated check-in time. No problem! The rains arrived right on schedule, and we were all set up, cozy and dry.



We have a back-in site at this campground, and we have realized that we sure like pull-throughs! But we did it, and are all settled in.

Tuesday was a do-nothing kind of day. It started raining shortly after we arrived, and it poured all day. So we hung out, got on our computers (this campground has great wi-fi) and watched some dvr’d shows.


IMG_2236We packed a lot into yesterday. In the morning we headed into Lake George to what has become one of our favorite places around here – the Adirondack Winery. Let’s just say our wine supply has been fortified for a while.



Yesterday was also the first day that had a number of rally arrivals.

All afternoon, we enjoyed watching the rigs make their way in.



We helped with the rally prep – me stuffing bags and Harry outside with the base camp setup.

Oh, and I took pictures – of course!




We capped the day off with a visit from a friend who lives nearby. Nothing like bbq in a campground.






I think there are something like 14 more rigs coming in today, and the early arrival dinner is tonight. So lots more fun ahead!


  1. We really like those pull thru sites too. But back in sites don't bother Jim at all. And I've learned pretty good sign language. lol Have a great time at your Rally. They can really be a lot of fun.

  2. What a fun time is in store for you! Enjoy.

  3. Hey, our next door neighbors at the Montana rally last week were headed for a Heartland rally (they have a Heartland AND a Montana!). Wonder if it's the one you are attending.

    This was our first Montana rally and we really enjoyed it! I know you'll have such a good time at your rally. Even if it is Heartland and not Montana - giggle!

    1. Yes, they arrived earlier today, and someone mentioned that they had just come from a Montana rally. :) Small world!!

  4. Looks like a fun time, and a great park!

  5. Enjoy the rally and you time away. I am sure you will have many new friends when you leave.