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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Blessed To Be a Fulltimer

Location: Catskill, NY (High 49, Low 43)



Yesterday we hunkered down, listened to the rain, and watched the parade of holiday campers make their way in for what looks to be a mostly cold and rainy holiday weekend.

It brought back memories of many long weekends and vacations when we looked forward to a great getaway only to have a not so great time due to nasty weather. All day yesterday we just kept saying to each other that we were so grateful to have this be our all the time life.


These people across the road arranged their three campers into a little wagon train circle on two of their sites and parked their vehicles on the third site. They are the lucky ones today. We saw maybe a dozen cars with tent campers also coming in.



I spent most of the day working on my picture files. I have arranged and labeled the pictures from 2008 to 2010 so far.

Later in the afternoon, we braved the rain to meet one of Harry’s former coworkers for dinner.



Another day it would be nice to come back and sit where we could have a view of the water.











Wet parking lot view instead!


In just a little bit we are heading to my sister’s house. You may recall that back in January Harry was helping with the installation of the upstairs hallway floor. Well, due to an equipment problem they didn’t get very far, so they are going to give it another try today. Definitely a good day to do a household project like that with the cool weather we are having.


  1. I need to get my picture files organized as well. It sounds like you made good progress. I have SO many picture and a lot of them really need to be trashed, but that involves going through each and every one of them.

    BTW...I love your header picture. It pops out and looks like 3D. It's a great shot!

  2. I find that so many Memorial Day weekends in the northeast turn nasty. Surely you will make the best of it.

    1. Yes we will; we don't even have anything out of the ordinary planned. I feel sorry for the vacationers.

  3. I read where Albany may even get snow! I know my old stomping grounds are covering the plants that got put in the ground. Going to be frost tonight.

  4. It is sad for those who only have three days to enjoy camping and then they have lousy weather. We definitely are the lucky ones. Warm here in Albuquerque but lots and lots of wind. Blows a lot here in NM.

  5. So glad you have the lifestyle that you have dreamed of. Retirement in any form is great though LOL!! I remember those days of weekends and 2 week vacations - glad we're past that.

  6. We feel the same way. I remember even the great weather weekends, all too short to really enjoy. You are so right, we are blessed to be full timers. Now days even the rainy weather is kind of welcome to a point!

  7. .....and we feel the same way. Words cannot fully express how thankful we feel. We are thinking of you and Harry and glad you both are doing well and enjoying the full-time RV lifestyle.