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Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

Location: Westfield, NY (High 76, Low 54)


Yesterday, almost four months after we pulled out of Catskill on our way south, we crossed the state line out of PA and back into NY.



For the past couple days, it has been pretty evident that Spring is finally taking root. The leaves are coming out, the grass is super green, and there are flowering trees everywhere.


We are settled in to a very nice spot at a KOA in Westfield, NY. We have a view of a little vineyard out our living room window. Lake Erie is literally right across the road.



Less than a mile down the road there is a public boat launch with a parking area, and a walkway to a beach. Last evening we went there to watch the sunset.



I took over a hundred pictures so it was hard to pick just a few for this post….









































Tomorrow we will be traveling to Norwich, NY to do a little driveway camping at our friends Greg and Beth’s house. We will be staying there a little over a week, and both Harry and I are looking forward to our visit with them. Then next week we head to Catskill, NY, where we will be staying for a couple months. Going to be quite a change from the last five weeks!!


  1. The sunset pics are beautiful. You guys are moving right along :) Driveway camping is great, too..saves a few bucks ;)

  2. Oh how gorgeous! The springtime & the sunset! It IS hard to choose! Enjoy your travels & outdoor time. This is a good time of year. :)