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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In Training

Location: Catskill, NY (High 72, Low 41)

On Monday, we were happy to watch the majority of the holiday weekend campground residents pack up and head out. Harry found out yesterday that about half of the tenters had cancelled due to the nasty weather. I can’t even imagine what this place is usually like if what we had here was only half of the usual. Guess we will see it the weekend of the 4th. But for now, we have returned to our usual peace and quiet.

Harry is looking forward to his surgery tomorrow. He has been dealing with the symptoms of the hernia so long now he can hardly remember what it was like to go for a nice walk without experiencing discomfort. We should hear sometime today what time we need to arrive at the hospital. As of last week, he was second on the schedule, so it will probably be early.

And now, an explanation of the title…when Harry and I were in Florida, I was walking several miles each day, and actually started doing a bit of jogging for the first time ever. I got out of the habit while we were traveling in April, and I have missed the exercise. A few days ago, my sister and I were talking, and she happened to mention a training program in her running magazine that takes a person from “couch” to half marathon in 14 weeks. (My sister has run in a couple half marathons before but it has been several years since her last one.) We decided to give it a try and yesterday was DAY 1. I am excited and nervous at the same time as I look forward to making this commitment a reality for the next 14 weeks. At the very least, I am going to be in shape for Amazon!


  1. Good luck to Harry tomorrow and good luck to your on our training regime!

  2. That is terrific! Good idea for a way to get in shape for Amazon too.

  3. I know the Couch25K (Couch to 5K) Changed my life. I hadn't run for 30 years! I went from disgustingly out of shape to now running every other day, usually 5-8 miles! It's a MIRACLE, literally. I have serious thoughts about attempting the Couch to half marathon program, but haven't started it yet. It's a dream of mine, and I now know, it IS do-able! Good for you! It's amazing what exercise does, shaves YEARS off of how you feel.

  4. C25K program was a wake up call for me! I never ever thought I could run and it's worked like a charm. Now I've been away from it and someday soon hope to get with it again. You'll feel like a million bucks in no time...and sleep like a baby! Good luck and a special good luck to Harry....

  5. good luck to Harry, tomorrow! and have fun with the training! you go girl!

  6. I don't like running and wonder if there is a program like that for bike riding or walking.