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Friday, April 10, 2015

A Couple Days in GA

Location: Adairsville, GA (High 77, Low 64)

11136323_10206868305012927_1779855145_oWe are on the road! We had a fun, if low-key, winter in Florida, enjoying all of the nice warm weather. But now we are happy to be heading north to our upstate NY summer stomping grounds.

Last week I started watching the weather in preparation for our trip home. I always try to time our travel days so that we are on the road on nice sunny weather days, and in addition, I try to avoid 11069338_10206883210705560_600433233_oplanning to be in a place when there is going to be the possibility of severe weather. While we aren’t finished with our trip yet, it does look like I’m going to be successful in both of those areas this spring. We had a little rain today, but nothing severe, and it has already passed. So tomorrow’s trip will be on dry roads. Two and a half years into this fulltiming lifestyle, severe weather continues to be the one and only thing that I really don’t like about living in a 40 ft. box on wheels.

11131009_10206883956164196_1705236350_oWe’ll be moving north to Bowling Green, KY in the morning. We are using the same route that we took in the fall. For this upcoming year, we’ll be sticking to the east coast so we now have tried and true routes that we enjoy and campgrounds along the way that we know and like. It sure makes my job a little easier.

I’m starting to get pretty excited as we are getting closer to arrival day. I’m ready to see familiar roads again and catch up with family and friends in person. It won’t be long now!

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