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Monday, April 6, 2015

Jacksonville for Easter

Location: Jacksonville, FL (High 82, Low 62)

Last Wednesday, after two months in Avon Park, it was finally time to hitch up and head on down the road. We had a pretty uneventful trip up to Jacksonville, other than the fact that it was longer than we expected. We went up through Orlando on I-4 and ended up hitting stop and go traffic through much of the city. It wasn’t a horrible trip, but we would probably go another route and avoid Orlando next time.

We decided to try a new campground in Jacksonville, Big Tree RV Park. Despite the name, on the Google map view, there was an open section, and when I called the office, I was informed that those were some of the sites used for people traveling through the area. 11132137_10206829478802296_1766197175_oHowever, when we arrived the turns into and out of that area looked a bit tight for a rig our size, so we are in a more wooded spot. We aren’t really fans of being under trees. Our satellite isn’t working, but luckily being close to Jacksonville, we can at least get the major channels. Harry plans to go up on the roof to make sure there isn’t leaves or pine needles on top of the slide toppers before we head out.


Other than being more wooded than we prefer, it’s really not too bad of a place. The wifi is decent and the water pressure is good. Also, the cost is pretty reasonable, and cheaper than the other rv parks in the area.  From looking at the other rigs in here, it seems to have quite a few permanent residents.


11136403_10206841819870815_15830232_oWe were happy to find a great trail about ten minutes away where we could go for a run – the Baldwinsville Jackson Rail Trail.








Our days have been pretty busy so we have only made it over there once so far. We hope to get over again one more time tomorrow morning.



We were happy to be invited to Harry’s nephew’s house for Easter dinner yesterday. We had a great time chatting with everyone and of course ate way too much of the great food choices!



Harry’s sister Linda and her companion Wayne…


Harry’s two nephews…






It’s hard to believe that we’ve already almost gone through our whole week here. Tomorrow will be our last day in Florida for this year, as we move on to Georgia on Wednesday.


  1. Normally the slide toppers will self clean themselves of leaves and twigs. The only thing you really need to clean from them is tree sap.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Didn't realize that Harry has a sister in Jacksonville. Safe travels north!