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Monday, April 13, 2015

We’re In Ohio

Location: Marengo, OH (High 69, Low 59)

The past couple days have been long days of traveling. Saturday was supposed to be an easy and relatively short day. But it was not to be.


On the plus side, it was a beautiful day for traveling. We had clear roads into TN and smooth sailing past Chattanooga.









Our first slowdown came around Nashville.






This was our view as we passed by the city.





We were happy to see that we were arriving in KY and close to our overnight stop in Bowling Green.

However we might have been close in miles but not in time.


We were 39 miles away from our exit when we hit this.



We inched along at less than ten, usually less than five, mph. It took us one whole hour to go six miles.


The only positive in that whole mess was that I discovered the WAZE app. After downloading it, and signing in, I was able to get details from other people further down the road. I found out that there was an area of the road with only one lane open due to construction, and even at what mile marker. It did help to have the information even though we still had a LONG two hours poking our way through the backup.


We were so happy to finally break our way free and travel the last 20 miles to our overnight stop at the Bowling Green KOA.


11069336_10206922567609458_432654251_oYesterday we hit the road once more to take advantage of the second weekend day for the portion of our trip that would take us past Louisville, Cincinnati and Columbia. Happily this day was long only in miles as we were able to move right along for the most part.

899673_10206923441871314_1341016246_oWe did hit a slowdown of traffic on I-71/I-75 for a couple miles when we were getting close to Cincinnati. But we left it behind to take the 275 bypass around Cincinnati, and from there it was smooth sailing.

I continued to use the WAZE app and it came in handy a few times – we got advance warning of some big potholes and once a huge road gator. It will only get better as more drivers start participating, so I think this will be a tool we will continue to use on our driving days.

11141658_10206924821905814_1103262415_o (1)


We are settled at the Cardinal Center Campground in Marengo, OH and staying put for a day to catch our breath.


Tomorrow we are on the road to NY!!


  1. Glad to hear no more traffic jams. That can be very frustrating when you are so close to your destination. I think I'll go ahead and download WAZE. Thanks!

  2. Interesting app :) I had never heard of it but just downloaded to give it a try.

    Safe travels to NY. Hope it's warmed up a little by now :)

  3. You're putting a lot of miles on :) I see WAZE reports coming through on Google Maps when we're traveling, it's handy!

    1. Yes that's where I saw it when we were stuck in traffic. And if you download the app, you will see reports pop up of things on the road ahead, which came in very handy yesterday. :)

  4. We love WAZE, we used it that day we were stuck in traffic together. We used it on the way here quite a bit around Orlando. Great that you're in one place a couple nights. (I redid the comment).

  5. Glad to hear you found WAZE...excellent app which I used a lot while in NY....
    If you heading back to Brookside CG please say hello to Bonnie and Jerry from us....
    Safe travels!

    Les and Sue