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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sometimes It Just Goes Like That

Location: Westfield, NY (High 57, Low 39)



Today’s trip was dreary but uneventful. Until we arrived at the campground anyway.


We traveled through the corner of Pennsylvania…








and into New York….



That white line on the horizon is the ice on Lake Erie…








The leaveless trees and gray skies made me think of fall instead of spring.




Even though it was a short day, we stopped for lunch at the Pennsylvania Welcome Center rest area. Which turned out to be a good thing.

We arrived at the Westfield/Lake Erie KOA about 1:15. There was a pretty informal check in as the campground isn’t officially open yet, but the owner is on the premises doing work on the grounds so he showed us to our spot.

We have stayed at this campground probably 4 times at least on our way south or coming back up, but today’s set up was definitely the hardest. We have automatic level-up, which 95% of the time works great and we definitely wouldn’t change the fact that we have it. But when it doesn’t work, like today, what a pain in the hindquarters it is.

We unhooked with our short blocks under the front level legs. The rig started leveling, but then the front legs were extended to their maximum and the rig still wasn’t level. Ugh. So we had to hook the truck back up, lift the rig and put a bigger piece of cribbing under the front jacks so they wouldn’t extend so far. Tried the level up again. Nope, no dice. It just kept adjusting the side level legs and eventually started extending the front jacks too far again. Tried the manual mode. Nope, couldn’t get the rig level enough. After talking the situation over with the campground owner, we decided to hook back up (again!) and move the rig over a couple feet to a more level part of the site.


Finally! Still had to do the level up in manual mode, and according to the level we are still a little out of level, but it’s good enough for the night. All of our doors open and close easily. Phew. All told it took us an hour and a half to get settled in the site to the point where we could bring our slides out. We are happy to be done and now it’s time to relax for the rest of the day. Tomorrow we move on to Catskill.


  1. Glad you got it leveled. I used to not worry to much about it but then one time we had the front jacks off the ground quite a bit and when I pulled in a slide, there was too much stress on it and it sheered a bolt. Yikes -- we found another bolt but it was not without some excitement.

  2. We've had some interesting sites where we were either all the way to the ground before being level, or like you, up in the clouds! Fun stuff :)

  3. The auto level system is one of the best things ever invented in the RV industry! A close second it the auto tuning dish. Both have saved many marriages, I would not be without either!