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Thursday, April 16, 2015

That Was Better

Location: Catskill, NY (High 65, Low 34)

11159289_10206952226150903_981423732_oYesterday morning, we were very ready to get out of our unlevel condition and get going on the last leg of our trip.

I took this pic of Lake Erie as we started out on our trip. There is still plenty of ice out there.

11068247_10206953952674065_356807867_oIt wasn’t a completely smooth hookup and departure, but it was one of those “all’s well that ends well” deals. We were happy to get back on the road with beautiful blue skies and familiar views.



I got this shot of some kind of glider aircraft flying by. It almost looked like a homemade aircraft in the few seconds that I could really see it.



Except for the small portion of our trip that went by Buffalo, we had very little traffic. Just had to keep an eye out for monster potholes.





Right around 2 pm we were arriving in the capital region of NY state. After being away for eight months, it felt so weird and great at the same time to be back on roads that we know like the back of our hands.



We got to our spot in Catskill and backed right in with no issues. We actually looked like we knew what we were doing! Winking smile The campground owners have put stone in the site since we left last year so it will be so great not to have to deal with making muddy ruts in the grass when it rains.



Already looking pretty full…



Tomorrow I will go over our summer plans…


  1. We camped there last August, think you were upstate at the time. Learned about the area from your blog. Beautiful area. Enjoy!